Friday, July 5, 2013

One Year Ago

by Donna L. Watkins

Me on July 4, 2012 
Perfect Photo Op for a Healing Heart
Photos: Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia 
Thank you, Jesus!  Praise You, Father!  Glory!  Glory!  Hallelujah!

One year ago today I took my last Lasix (diuretic) to move off the more than 25 pounds of fluid that was added to my normal 118-pound body.

July 4th being Independence Day gives me a new meaning for the word FREEDOM!

Last year on July 4 I was celebrating being alive after a grim prognosis at the end on March 10th about Hospice and drowning in my own fluids which was vividly explained in detail by the Emergency Room doctor.  Regardless, I told him that I was choosing Jesus and healing, not hospitals and life-long drugs.

If you click on the enlarged image link under the photo, you'll see that the red lights make me look like I had sprayed my hair red.  I felt very alive and plenty wild on our trip over to the Shenandoah Valley after being bedridden for so long, but not quite that wild.  Now if it was purple, it could be that I did it since it's my favorite color!

I was already mostly off the oxygen for about a month at this time, but it was a great comfort to have it now and then.  However, I knew a week after being off the Lasix that it was the next step of faith I needed to take.

So, on July 12th, we took the machine back much to the awe of the employees in the office.  What a glorious day to share the healing power that lies within us in Christ and that God always wants us to be healed.  We just have to change our hearts to be able to receive it.  God was already preparing me with a book I had received for my birthday the previous year:  Book: God Wants You Well.  You can also listen to this teaching online free:  Video Series:  God Wants You Well.  Maybe you'd just like to begin with reading about it:  Article:  God Wants You Well.

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Lee said...

I remember how sick you were. Praise the Lord for the healing that you have received. It is much more pleasant when you are on this side looking back.

sharingsunshine said...

Thank you, Lee! Life definitely looks different when you defeat the devil's evil over us. Praise Jesus for making provision for us on the Cross. AWESOME God!

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