Thursday, September 5, 2013

Allergies & Flu - I'm Not Participating

by Donna L. Watkins

Summer is a wonderful time. I'm not a sunbather or pool person, but I love everything fresh and so alive. It's been wonderful enjoying the flowers, butterflies, bees, birds and incredibly unique bugs with brilliant colors. The critters such as raccoons, deer, opossums, skunks, foxes and small rodents are all storing up fat for the winter season. All diligent about their business, as I go about my own.

Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea)
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I was thinking about all the pollen allergies that people continually talk about. I've had food allergies since the day I was born and remember sneezing in the Fall and my parents calling it hayfever. We lived in the city, so I wondered where the hay was and why I couldn't tell I had a fever. As I grew older sniffling and sneezing added in asthma which disappeared after I went through menopause.

Lately I've been pondering allergies. Our Father created an incredibly beautiful world for humans and placed the first two people in a garden setting. Surely He had no intention of our amazingly designed bodies reacting to the pollen of all the beautiful flowers that were enjoyed.

Definitely not! It all came with the interference of the Enemy. The Fall brought a lot of decay into God's world of beauty and perfection. I wonder when we began to believe that plants and trees brought allergies. I'm sure the drug advertisements has ingrained it even more. If things change according to how we believe, then I'm seriously working on changing my thoughts about allergies. I don't have to participate.

When the word "flu" began being thought of as a plague years ago, before they even developed the annual season for flu shots, we decided that our family was not going to participate in the flu. We took supplements that keep the immune system healthy and gave them to our son as a baby and as he was growing up and truly believed we did not have to get the flu. My husband and I never had the flu and neither did our son.

Sadly I had "MY allergies" from the time I was a few years old, so it had become part of me and my belief of who I am. I no longer call them "mine" but it is a long road back through 60 years of believing something till your heart grabs it and your body responds.

I'm planning on leaving this world totally healthy.  After periods in life of being on rotation diets, restrictive diets and wheat-free or gluten-free trials, I decided not to limit my foods.  It makes life so complicated and Jesus said, "My yoke is easy."  I do choose not to feed this temple with junk food and sugary sweets or beverages which obviously have no benefit for my body.

People close up their house when it's pollen season and I simply can't do that.  I can't let the pollen control my joy of flowers and trees. Most of all it's the smell of the fresh air of the forest behind us that simply makes my day.  I'm far beyond believing that allergies need to be lived with ... but I've not arrived at the end of that journey yet.  I will sneeze and blow rather than close up my home or move from working on the screened porch to being inside.  My love for the outdoors must have some kind of positive effect on my health.  It's simply a fact that being trapped inside would make me wilt like a flower picked and laid on a concrete path.

Learning that our thoughts are powerful enough to change our DNA is quite a mindful. And yet it's very exciting to think about God creating us physiologically to be able to overcome anything that comes our way.  Not in a pride sort of way since pride will only end in a fall, but instead, boldly like a King's child that runs to the throne in a time of need, just as any child would run to their mother for food, knowing that provision is there.

Quiet Spot Under The Black Locust Tree
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It's easy to think that our generation has more toxicity and poisons to deal with and we extend that knowledge to assume that we will be a lot sicker. I believe that our Heavenly Father planned for each son and daughter to have the opportunity to be healthy. That's where we have to consider how we think and believe on that.

How much bad health news have you read about and heard from friends and co-workers? Do the drug ads make you ponder all the symptoms mentioned to see if you have another health issue that you can add to your list? We're told there's a great possibility of death if we don't get our flu shot and yet people are dying from the flu shots.

We assume that we have to "get" certain problems depending on the age we are, but if you look around, not everybody is following the rules. There are old people that are healthy and young people that aren't. There has to be some kind of a common denominator. The way we think might just be it. There's a lot of current research on that (see related articles below). I just thought that you'd like to ponder this with me and seek His wisdom for our minds and hearts of belief.

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