Sunday, September 22, 2013

Machine Converts Plastics to Oil

Plastics are recycled back into oil in large plants, but a Japanese inventor has built a machine that can sit on a table and be transported by car or plane to accomplish the same task.

It's called the Blest Machine and was invented by Akinori Ito, after he began to see the places he played as a child disappearing. He wanted to make the process of plastic recycling more accessible, so less landfill would be required and less garbage piles in urban areas.

Ito is taking the machine to developing countries, where it can be used as a way to lessen the landfill problems and provide a useful fuel with the product produced. But the real value is in the machine's size -- small enough to sit in a family home, meaning that micro-production of oil becomes a real possibility.

Watch the 5-minute video.

If you're wondering about the price as I was ... the only price I see by Googling is $9500.  That means it would take a while to recoup the initial investment, but maybe the price will decrease over time.
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