Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feline Asthma

by Dr. Jane Bicks

One of the many health problems humans and cats share is also one of the less publicized medical complaints of cats: feline asthma.  Although allergies are positively correlated with the disease, veterinary scientists remain baffled by the causes of this illness.

In the latest from Dr. Jane, our holistic veterinarian briefly examines the symptoms, potential causes, progression and treatments (including alternative therapies), as well as coping strategies for minimizing incidents and severity of attacks.

If your cat is suffering from this malady of the lungs, and you want to uncover more about this mysterious disorder, Dr. Jane is here to help you improve the life of your beloved kitty. To learn more about this condition and what the prognosis is for affected cats, read this Dr. Jane post now

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