Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Do you love seeing butterflies? Planting a Butterfly Garden is not difficult and there's a lot of info out there to help out. Get some visuals on butterfly garden design from a search on Bing.

Here's a few articles that will surely inspire you:

Butterfly Garden Design Step by Step
What kind of butterfly garden plants should you include in a garden for butterflies ....perennials or annuals? Perennials come up every year and therefore are more carefree. Annuals need to be planted every year, but have the advantage that they usually bloom longer, often all summer. It is best to have a combination of annuals and perennials in your butterfly garden design.

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden
Bright colors seem to attract more butterflies, but more importantly, large swaths of color will make it easier for them to find your garden.

Grow an Herbal Butterfly Garden
Attracting butterflies, bees and birds to your herb garden is an added benefit to having the fresh herbs. Because butterflies and bees can not tolerate toxins, they are also a good indicator that you have a fresh, healthy garden. To attract butterflies, you will be focusing on brightly colored blooms and a safe environment for them to enjoy the nectar, rest, and have a drink.

Butterfly Garden Design - HGTV
Use a two-pronged approach to your butterfly garden by including attributes that attract adult butterflies, as well as their young.

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