Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Learning With Nature

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Child Carefully Holding A Monarch Before Tagging
Monarch Tagging at Ivy Creek Natural Area
In our time of fast-paced, exam-pressured, high-tech culture, where does learning with nature have a place?

When adults are asked to recall a time in their youth when they were happiest, invariably they refer to times spent outdoors and with friends. Our clever screen world keeps us busy and on the go, but does not help us to communicate, feel loved, gain the satisfaction of the quiet mind, and relax.

Time with others in nature does exactly that -- and much, much more!

We need an education that includes learning and understanding how the world is much more than human-centered, and that instills in us a sense of belonging and curiosity about life.

When subject learning takes place outside, it becomes embodied and has greater meaning. Our work aims to bring the subjects outside while building meaningful relationships with the natural world. Real experiences build empathy, a hallmark of a healthy human.  Get ideas for educational topics and ways to make it all fun ... read the entire article.

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