Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Receiving Your Inheritance

By Clint Byars, Forward Ministries

Have you ever wondered if God would “show up” or “come through” for you? The key to never struggling with this mindset is again is understood through adoption and inheritance.

In adoption, the parents take time to evaluate children before making the legal commitment to give them their last name and raise the child as their own. We don’t choose who our natural children are but we do when we take the path of adoption.

Anyone who has been through the process understands the legal side of the process. The legal side can test your emotional commitment and solidify just how intentional you are about bringing that child into your family. God made the decision to allow you into his family through Christ, he’s not disappointed that you are his child, he chose you.

Inheritance is similar in that whomever takes the time to draft a will understands the legal side of the process. My wife and I are currently going through the process of drafting a will for our children. Our attorney is asking us questions we’ve never thought of. This process is very intentional. No one accidentally drafted a will to determine what they wanted to leave to their heirs. This too is an intentional process that one is committed to when determining the inheritance one leaves for their heirs.

After Sara and I are gone, my children will never have to wonder if we wanted them to have what we purposed to leave them. They will never have to ask if we truly wanted them to receive everything we left them because there will be a legal document stating the fact. The New Covenant sealed between the Father and the Son is God’s last will and testament for Jesus and then it’s shared with us once we’re in Jesus.

We must look at our inheritance in Jesus in this legal manner. God determined ahead of time, before we were ever in his family, before he adopted us when we say yes to Jesus, what he wanted to leave us in his will. We are joint-heirs with Jesus. Jesus inherited a name above all names, authority over death and Hades, eternal life and lastly “all things” (Hebrews 1).

Did Jesus inherit life? Yes
Did Jesus inherit healing? Yes, he rose from the grave healed
Did Jesus inherit provision? Yes, God gave his the keys to his kingdom
Did Jesus inherit righteousness, peace and Joy? Jesus inherited ALL things
Are you a joint-heir with Jesus?

He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? Romans 8:32

We never have to question if God wants to provide for us because it’s in the will.
We never have to ask if our Heavenly Daddy wants to heal us because it’s in the will.
We never have to ask if God is withholding something because it’s already been given in Jesus.
We never have to question God’s timing because he already enacted the will to give us all things.

If Jesus paid for it, it’s yours now!

It’s like God decided to give you everything he has so he drafted a will in Heaven and came here to die to enact it for you. When we pray we must pray from this mindset. We’re in God’s family, he’s passed and left us his will and we can enjoy everything he left us right now.

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