Monday, March 13, 2006

Cat Diagnosed With FIV - Great Improvement

The vet didn't expect her to live the week out but here we are two weeks later. She began eating and drinking after 4 days and was back to normal eating about 6 days later.

The fever is under control and the mucus is gone and we're working on building her immune system and attacking the virus.

The medical world doesn't have anything for viruses, but the plant kingdom does. The wise Creator knew we would need anti-viral properties and there's a lot of them in herbs and essential oils.

Cats don't do well with essential oils, so we're using a Chinese formula we've loved for a long time since it has been a blessing to us for many years to keep a few sniffles from turning into a cold or flu. VS-C Herbal Viral Formula is something we keep on hand since viruses seem to be taking over the world.

We are still working on the eye that was bulging and totally dilated. It still isn't working perfectly fine, but the bulging seems to be going down and is hardly noticeable. We've been using Perfect Eyes for that. Her personality is definitely back and she's very active.

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