Friday, March 3, 2006

Our Squeek Diagnosed With FIV

On Tuesday we woke up to find ourselves with a sick kitty and after a vet appointment later that day we heard the diagnosis of FIV, which is the feline version of AIDS. The vet offered no hope and spoke of us bringing her back in a week or so to be put down because she wouldn't eat or drink.

After the initial shock we've been focused on a program for her. We've already had some "success stories" from pet owners who have used VS-C for this disease so we're working away and adding all the hope and prayer to it that we can get.

If you pray, please send up a prayer for Kitty Girl aka Squeek. She's a precious little kitty. You can view some photos of her. She's a real glamour gal.

We have had a glimmer of our hope returned with her perking up an hour after we gave her Spirulina for the first time. I'm sure it's everything we've been doing, but it was interesting to see her hardly able to hold her head up and then, no more than an hour later, get out of the basket and trot to the litter box. And I do mean trot!

We were shouting for joy! I know we're not there yet. It's only a couple hours away from being three days since she's eaten or drank water, but she's more easily swallowing the droppers of concoctions I'm giving her.

Update Six Months Later

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