Tuesday, August 1, 2006

More and Cheaper Ways to Recycle Computers

I gathered this information a few months back so they could've made a few changes since then, but I wanted to pass it on to you. Many people don't like dumping large items like computers into landfills ...especially when you consider the toxic effects it's going to leave for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

Recycling this equipment is a wise decision. First of all call around to see if a local repair place may want to buy what you have for parts. We've recycled a couple computers that way. If you can't find a local dealer who will be happy to have components, then maybe one of these recyclers will be of interest to you.

If you're local, you could recycle for free at some of these places.

AAA Regional Computer Recycling (Rochester, NY) - $15 fee plus shipping - www.ewaste.net

Asset Recovery Corp. (St. Paul, MN) - Range of fees on site. - www.assetrecoverycorp.com

Earth Protection Services (Phoenix, AZ) - $.50/lb. plus shipping - www.earthpro.com

Intercon Solutions (Chicago, IL) - $10 monitors, $5 computers/scanners, plus
shipping - www.interconrecycling.com

Metech Int'l (Mapleville, RI) - $30 fee includes shipping - www.metech-arm.com

PC Disposal (Olathe, KS) - range of fees - www.pcdisposal.com

Resource Concepts, Inc. (Carrollton, TX) - no fee, but you pay shipping - www.resourcecon.com

Surplus Buyers (Houston, TX) - no fee, but you pay shipping - www.surplusbuy.com

United Recycling Industries, Inc. - no fee, but you pay shipping - www.unitedrecycling.com

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