Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Poke Weed For Wildlife

I've just written on the Bluebird Cove blog about poke weed for wildlife. I've been amazed at the birds this year that are cleaning the berries off of this plant as soon as they ripen. I'm so glad we take time to allow a plant to grow and see if it's something we want to keep in our habitat here. We've discovered so many new options for free food for the birds.

Here's a photo of a Gray Catbird eating poke berries. It was taken through a window at dusk, so it's not an excellent one.

The intricacies of Creation could entertain the mind for ages. Pondering the amazing feats that some species accomplish in their short life span should inspire those of us with a much longer life span to consider our days and what our priorities are.

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