Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update Beliefs on Animal Testing - It's NOT Necessary

Most people believe that experiments on animals are necessary for medicine and science to progress. However, this is not the case. The belief that we must experiment on animals is being challenged by a growing number of physicians and scientists who are utilizing many research methods that do not harm or kill animals. More and more physicians and scientists are also seeing the negative consequences of using one species to provide information about another species; often the results of animal experiments are misleading or even harmful to humans.

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DO NOT BUY IAMS or Eukanuba pet foods! Your dollars are being spent on animal research. Get more information about this at either of these sites:

One of the reasons we switched to natural pet foods produced by small non-animal testing companies is so our money would not support animal testing or corporations who are more concerned with making money than with pet health. We use Life's Abundance pet foods, treats and supplements for our pets. They have never had a recall and because of their personal involvement in getting small supplies in the U.S., they won't.

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