Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Winter Joy Of A Blooming Amaryllis

The week after Christmas a dear friend gave me an Amaryllis bulb she had planted in a small pot. I had never had one so I was excited to see what it would do. It took weeks of growing a tall stalk with 5 buds on it.

It was fun to watch it grow and watch the buds open. It still has the one center small bud to open, but I've been enjoying the plant immensely for weeks now. It's absolutely beautiful and with no flowers in sight for winter, it's made me smile and laugh many times. How much joy one bulb has brought to my life is an amazing thing.

God's Creation is to make us laugh and smile and be full of joy and of His love for us which is why He created it all to begin with. There is much beauty in the world. Focus on it. Leave the bad stuff behind. You worrying and grieving over it will not change it, so move on! Be in control of what you can control - your own outlook and beliefs. If those beliefs don't make you happy, but fearful and anxious instead, then change those beliefs. Investigate your thoughts. Take them all to court and put them on trial.

I've sure had a bunch of friends and neighbors getting the flu this year. We are blessed to be able to work at home, but we're still exposed to the world's bugs being out and about for church and volunteering. We always include something in our daily supplements that will support the immune system, but in winter, we pay special attention to doing this.

One of our favorite anti-viral formulas is Elderberry Defense. Elderberries have long been used to fight the common cold. During the winter, the people of England historically took a teaspoon a day of a rich syrup made from the elderberry to prevent winter diseases. I prefer to swallow mine in capsule form and Nature's Sunshine has added Echinacea, Royal Jelly and Olive Leaf to the Elderberry Defense formula.

If you need a children formula to keep them healthy while they are around a bunch of sick kids, Herbasaurs Elderberry Plus is a great choice. We raised our son on herbal supplements and in the 19 years he lived at home, he only got sick 4 times and we were able to get him through that in only a couple of days. Herbs can really support a body weakened by organisms by boosting our natural immune system to win the battle.

Health is an issue that is on many minds these days. It seems healthy people are becoming a rare thing. Our nation continues to drop in rank on the World Health Organizations list of the health systems. Depending on the year you look at we're around 38 on that list.

The more I read and study healthy and dis-eased people, the more I am convinced that more than genes, our health is controlled by our personalities and thoughts. What we believe (our thoughts become our beliefs), seems to determine what our cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, and other health information is going to be.

I have an aunt that eats tons of chocolate. From what I'm told most of her diet is sugar and she eats gallons of ice cream every week. This has been going on her entire life. She's older than I am and has never complained of a health problem.

Don't we all know people like that? It's not her genetic history. There were a lot of children in that family and some have died and some still live with major health issues. What's the difference? You gotta think about it!

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