Monday, January 15, 2007

Virginia Nature Preserves and Chrysler Museum of Art

Although our recent trip was scheduled for business, we had plenty of time to enjoy the natural wonders around the Norfolk area of Virginia while the weather was in the 70's. Those warm days are again gone as we experience a bit of winter. I'm glad we took the opportunity to "enjoy the moment" while we had it.

The highlights of our trip were captured in photographs. View the individual albums from these links:

Grandview Preserve - Hampton, VA

Sandy Bottom Nature Park and Nature Center - Hampton, VA

Chrysler Museum of Art - Norfolk, VA
I was amazed that they allowed non-flash photography.

Virginia Living Museum - Newport News, VA

The Virginia Living Museum brought mixed emotions. It was wonderful to see the non-releaseable animals being cared for and knowing they would live out a longer life than they would've in the wild, but I also had that agony in my heart for them. To have once been wild and free, and now to be "trapped" in a body and environment that no longer was what it was created to be.

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