Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Butterfly Bench Visit

How many times have I mentioned if you get anywhere near Central Virginia to be sure to drop by to sit with me on the Butterfly Bench with some herbal tea?

One of the subscribers to this mailing mentioned months back that she was going to get here and she did. Sheila and Ed Shepardson visited with us on June 1st and as you can tell from the photo, we were all smiles. You'll also notice that it was too hot a day for herb tea so we had homemade lemonade made with honey.

What a delight it was to walk around Bluebird Cove with Sheila. Randal thoroughly enjoyed Ed, so we all had a grand time of it. We spent some time at the pond enjoying all the frogs who were more than generous with their poses. And since it was an unusually warm day, we retired to the living room to chat and chuckle.

So ... let this serve as a reminder to you that there's always a welcome sign on the Butterfly Bench. Maybe some critter and garden photos of our place will entice you to schedule a tea party.

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