Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surrogate Mom for Baby Owls

We are blessed to have The Wildlife Center of Virginia nearby for a place to take sick or injured wildlife for rehabilitation.

Recently, a local news article mentioned The Wildlife Center because two baby owls there are being "fostered" by a resident non-releasable Great-horned Owl. Such stories are so heartwarming to me. This mama owl has been a surrogate to 10 other owls besides these two. What an example of turning the seemingly bad events of life into good. We learn so much from the natural world and animals around us.

Make a note of this wonderful option we have to take injured wildlife. Be sure to make note of where you found it because they want to return it to the habitat it came from. Matter of fact, you can be the one to release it if you will return to pick it up after its recovery. That's been a very exciting experience for us.

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