Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Backyard Habitat At a Time

This bee chose one of our Foxglove plants to snooze on for the night. When I go out in the garden early in the morning before it warms up, I'll find bees snoozing on many blooms. They sometimes snuggle up inside of them. What a great place for a bee to wake up to breakfast!

Do you notice the fuzzy tips of the foxglove bloom? There must be a purpose. Maybe it's to give bees and hummingbirds a brushing. After all they don't carry combs around. God does everything with purpose and I've got a zillion questions when I get to Heaven.

Watching the natural world around us fills me with awe and wonder for the Great God that created it all. He made the grass and flowers and birds and bees and animals and then .... He made us. What a loving God to create the beautiful gift of the natural world just for us to enjoy.

Who can enter a forest or a garden and not sense the presence of God? I believe that God dwells in gardens and forests waiting to meet with us. After all, that was His original design.

Get out there and enjoy His gift. Create a Backyard Habitat for the critters and creatures He will send your way. He watches over the sparrow ... but He may need your hands to help out. If you have a passion to know more about the natural world and creating wildlife habitats, take the free NWF Wildlife University Course online.

It is not enough to set aside special places like parks, refuges and sanctuaries for wildlife. These places are critical, and their establishment must continue. But so much land has been, and will continue to be, developed for human uses, that only individual land stewardship will save most of the world’s species from extinction. One backyard at a time.

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