Sunday, May 10, 2009

Backyard Beekeeping

We visited Ivy Creek's Natural History Day and chatted with a couple at the bee table. I learned a lot more about bees and was fascinated with how easy it is to have bees and make your own honey.

Bees are an extremely vital part of our human existence and well being. Some bees supply us with health-promoting honey or beeswax, and mostly all bees take part in pollinating our landscape, a necessary step in the cultivation of our food supply.

With continuous buzz around declining bee populations and great concern over whether this may lead to wide spread starvation, do-it-yourselfers are turning to beekeeping, not only to help the insect increase its numbers but to also benefit from its sweet nectar.

Beekeeping is gaining so much popularity that even local government officials in cities like New York City and Minneapolis are stepping in to advocate for it. Read the entire article.

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