Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Natural Fertilizer

Okay, not totally free. You'll need the initial investment in worms but thereafter you've got a manufacturing plant of worms and fertilizer.

From Creation Moments.

The lowly earthworm is one of the most under-appreciated little creatures on Earth. People probably don't appreciate the earthworm because it's not very pretty. Biology textbooks say that the earthworms were among the first simple land creatures to evolve. Well, clearly there hasn't been much evolution since, and they are not that simple. The earthworm has a well-developed nervous system, a brain and ten hearts!

Earthworms tunnel through the soil by literally eating the soil itself. As the worm draws nutrition from organic matter in the soil, its digestive system processes these chemicals to produce excellent natural fertilizers.

In one recent test, soil scientists compared earthworms and the best fertilizers you can buy. The earthworms easily won the contest. The ground they fertilized had five times more nitrogen, twice as much calcium, two-and-a-half times more magnesium, and seven times more phosphorus than the best that modern science could produce.

Since earthworms like lots of organic material in the soil, you can encourage earthworms in your garden by digging lawn clippings and most types of tree leaves into your soil this fall rather than throwing them away. One caution, however. Some leaves like red oak are acid and best left out of the soil.

So, while earthworms are not pretty, our Creator has provided them to enrich the soil and help to feed us all. Visit Creation Moments.

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Anonymous said...

Listening to public radio over the years has suggested that non-native earth worms may be altering the ground surface ecology of our forests especially our northern hardwood forests.

Since your present email I went on the web and searched "native north american earth worms" and got hits from university studies.

Additional sites also came up saying non-native earthworms do not create problems though these statements do not seem to be associated with any research studies.

Please check these out:

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