Friday, May 15, 2009

Living Your Desires

by Donna L. Watkins

Even those who have never gardened, feel a tugging toward plants and soil when they walk through a garden or forest trail. It stirs something within us. I grew up in the city in apartments, so I don't have any gardening memories, but our Sunday entertainment was rides through the country where we would buy fresh produce and see the fields, barns and silos of Pennsylvania. There seemed to be something reverent about the land and farming. Obviously it's our source of food and fuel for these bodies to work and move. If for no other reason, it holds an attraction for that.

© 2009 Donna L. Watkins - Leaf Cutter Ants - Costa Rica
Growing things seem to have the ability to guide and direct us when we spend time with plants, whether in the garden, on the farm, or in the woods. There's some sense of direction or guidance that comes from plant life. We began in harmony with plants in the Garden of Eden and in many ways, I believe we still have that resonance.

Everybody knows that ants are diligent workers since we are told in the Bible to "consider the ant ....... " God often teaches us character qualities through another part of His Creation. Ants are very organized, know their abilities and work within those roles. This is an example of how we should live. Too often we are scatter-brained and disorganized because we're not sure of how many roles we should take on. We also tend to think what we do isn't as important as what somebody else might be doing. That never-ending climb up the ladder only to find that everybody and everything that you really care for now are out of view.

Consider the ant. Diligence is a good character quality, but there's a time and season for everything, and living life within the talents we were given is a way to determine what roles to take on.

Did you know there are ants who garden? There is a particular type of fierce ant that cares for the South American Bull's Horn Acacia Tree. While the ants don't need the tree for their survival, they do eat portions of it. But they never eat enough to cause damage to the tree. In fact, the ants protect their tree - they snip off vines or other growth that comes too close to the tree, maintaining plenty of growing room for their tree. The ants are aggressive enough to keep other insects or even birds or larger animals away from their tree.

In studying this amazing relationship, researchers have removed the ants from some of these trees. Within two to fifteen months the tree is dead. Without the ants' care, animals eat off all the leaves and surrounding plants overrun it.

What about your purpose in life? Some may be called to study and protect a particular tree species, but what are you called to do? Are you doing it? If not, what's dying without you? We were designed with purpose and we are totally unique. Nobody can fulfill the role that God made us for, so something dies in our world if you don't seek and walk in your purpose and passion in life.

Too often we think doing what we're passionate about is being selfish, but those burning desires that never go away, no matter how much you try to minimize them, are God-given if they are desires that will produce good in our world. It's something you were born to do. It comes so naturally that you don't even consider it a skill - it's just you. And that you is what you need to be sharing with the world.

It will not only benefit mankind, but it will bring your heart, soul and body into balance and harmony. It's health to your body and it will simplify your life. When you walk in your calling, all else fades away in importance. You become focused on what God brought you here to do.

Who taught these ants to be gardeners? How could two so very different kinds of life develop such a close relationship? This results in a great mystery for evolution. Without ants you couldn't evolve the tree, and without the tree, the ants couldn't learn to care for it.

You can't get around it. Both were created fully formed, and the Creator taught the ants how to care for the tree. He's also put within you the abilities you need to make those dreams and desires a reality in this world. Don't let them slip away. Don't set them on a shelf. Use them in even the smallest fashion. It will take you one step closer at a time to where you really want to be and one step closer, even if it takes a year for that small step, is still far better than not proceeding at all.

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