Monday, August 3, 2009

Intelligence of Animals

In many of our Creation Moments programs we have shown that animal intelligence is not a result of evolution but God’s gift to His creatures. While animals are limited to a much smaller area of specialty, some can perform feats of intelligence that even man cannot accomplish.

For example, at the Japanese Deer Park in California, pigeons have been trained to sort electrical parts. They can do this with greater efficiency and accuracy than humans. People usually quickly become bored with such work and lose their concentration.

But then there is the mystery of migration. The Golden Plover bird migrates between Alaska and Hawaii. Yet the parents never teach their youngsters the route. When migration time comes, the young are usually old enough to fend for themselves, but too young to fly the thousands of miles, non-stop, required by the route. So the parents leave them in Alaska and head for Hawaii. A little later when they are stronger, the young plovers follow the same route without error, even though they have no guide.

Intelligence is not the result of mindless natural forces, for how could mindlessness produce intelligence or even genius? Christians should not be surprised, as evolutionists are, to find many examples of intelligence in the animal world because intelligence is the gift of God, the Creator, to His creatures.

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