Monday, August 31, 2009

Military Working Dogs

This project was started by Starline Nunley, who's son is currently stationed in Iraq. Starline said “I can’t physically protect my son, and all the other sons and daughters in Iraq. But I can help the dogs who do. These dedicated dogs do this service selflessly and with great courage. Whatever we can do to help them do their job easier is helping to protect our sons and daughters.”

The Military Working Dogs in Iraq's extreme conditions protect and serve our Soldiers. Consider that:

1. Temperatures can reach as high as 145 degrees. The Cooling Vests offer much needed relief for the dogs.

2. The "Doggles" protect the dogs eyes from blowing sand, offering much needed relief and comfort.

3. The "MuttLucks" are booties that protect the dogs feet and pads from hot sand and melting asphalt.

Starline has a website where you can get more information about the project.
Another way to serve our military dogs is by adoption from Military Working Dog Foundation.

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