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Newsletter - 8/15/10

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Hello Friends!

We had a gorgeous sunrise a couple weeks back. It was breathtaking with the vivid orange colors and the cloud patterns above it. Take a moment to experience the thought of another new day dawning ... view the sunrise.

Our little deck garden of pots sitting all around it has been so entertaining. We have the plants up there that the deer will eat if they're in the ground. That was the reason we began putting pots on the deck, but the reason we continue is the delightful show of birds, butterflies, bees, wasps, skinks, tree frogs and even squirrels for their daily drink. Get the whole story on the post, Build a Deck Garden.

Donna and Randal in Greenville, SC
Bubble Tea (Green Tea) from O-CHA Tea Bar
My sweet husband, Randal, completed the immense job of chipping a couple of fallen dead trees and a collection of branches over the past nine years. It produced a huge pile of mulch which he spread around the front and side property about 4 inches deep on our paths. He had 45 big-orange-tub wheelbarrow loads. It was a major task and we're very happy it's done. The paths look so inviting ... view the slide show and take a stroll through our habitat.

I so wish I could stroll about God's Creation with each of you! I've had some subscriber visitors over the years and it's been such a joy. I love having an extra set of eyes as I walk about looking for hidden treasure and wisdom.

At the top of the list of my excitement these days is the tree frog tadpoles I found in the birdbath one morning. The next day I found more in the saucers under a couple of pots. After many of them died in the birdbath from the hot sun the following day, I cried and immediately studied about raising tadpoles. You see, we have some big Green Frogs in our little garden pond, so I didn't want to dump them in there for them to have a snack, so I set up a "bucket pond" to be able to view them in the growing process.

I'm taking pictures so you can enjoy the excitement too. I've already made a beginning of the story post with a few pictures: Eastern Gray Tree Frog Tadpoles in Birdbath

Since I'm turning 60 next month and having a hard time believing I'm actually that age, I decided to do 60 things that I've never done before as a distraction of pondering the aging process. So I'll be sharing about how that's coming along in the next issue. One of the things I will include in the 60 things is any new species that I've not seen and photographed before. So these days I've really got a quick eye to check out everything that moves!

I hope you're watching what's going on in your own backyard also ... or in a nearby park. Take the time to slow down and tune in ... it's good for your health. Read about the Benefits of Outdoor Exercise.

Love, Hugs and Lots of Blessings!

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