Monday, March 28, 2011

Centennial Campus Center for Wildlife Education, Raleigh, NC

The Centennial Campus Center is located in the headquarters of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission in a "green" building designed to limit environmental impact related to its construction and operation. This sustainable structure is the first of its kind on campus and features

• Daylighting and energy efficiency
• Earth-friendly building materials
• Careful management of water and solid waste
• Environmentally friendly landscaping
• Active rain gardens and detention wetland

The Center's interior displays teach visitors about ecological succession and the role human choices play in shaping nature in the Piedmont. 

We viewed a 20-minute video that showed a timeline of changes in the Piedmont, from natural wildlife areas to suburban sprawl. The history, exhibits, video and outside demonstration areas make the Center a great place for family or homeschool groups.

View photo album of our visit to the Centennial Campus Center.

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