Friday, March 18, 2011

Microwaves, Radiation and Cancer

The writer of this paper is a microwave oven tester who uses a sophisticated Holaday instrument calibrated annually by an EPA laboratory. In all fairness, I must say that microwave ovens test out with less radiation leakage than they used to 10 years ago, but I still must admit that I hate microwave ovens for two reasons at least.

1) It has no place in the American kitchen. Why? In the electromagnetic spectrum there is nothing but a judgmental line of demarcation separating X-rays from microwaves, and like all judgments, there is an enormous difference of opinion among scientists as to really which is which. We all know that our government is very careful about sending inspectors around to check the radiation emissions from x-ray machines located in dentists offices and in hospitals, but no one has ever had a government inspector ring their door bell to check their microwave oven. It is assumed that since it passed the test at the manufacturing plant that no damage will ever happen to it. It is true that there are cheap testers available in stores, but since they are not ever calibrated, they are not to be depended upon. Similar to an x-ray machine, a microwave oven has a tremendous potential for harm if something goes wrong. It belongs, not in a kitchen, but in a laboratory where it is subject to regulation.

It is fairly well known now that for years the Russians bombarded our American embassy with radiation resulting in the expected cancers in our embassy personnel. Could this be an indication of a fact that the Russians have studied this subject of the biological effects of radiation much more than we have or that we are willing to admit officially? It is known that their safety standards are set at least 1,000 times more strict than our own comparable standards for safety.

I am also concerned with the apathetic manner with which microwave ovens are treated in the kitchen. Read the entire article.

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