Friday, March 18, 2011

Laser Therapy for Pet Arthritis

Bill Dougherty's trusty 135-pound German shepherd, Rex, has suffered from a limp and joint pain for the past two years. This man's best friend, 70 in dog years, 10 in people years, needed treatment for his arthritic pain.

But rather than opting for traditional pills or surgery, Dougherty tried a new, seemingly magical, laser therapy that the local veterinary clinic, Village Animal Clinic in North Palm Beach, Fla., was offering to arthritic dog and cats.

Dougherty said that Rex's limp and overall activity and happiness improved almost immediately after the first laser treatment. "We used to say that Rex was like the old man on the hill," said Dougherty. "He'd point out the distraction and then the younger ones would go after it. But now, he's back and a part of the gang." Read the entire article.

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