Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good and Bad News For The Earth

by Sierra Club - March/April Magazine

• California regulators OK a new carcinogenic pesticide for strawberries to replace the old carcinogenic pesticide they outlawed.

• For the third time, the EPA puts off strengthening standards for ground-level ozone.

• Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County bans plastic bags in unincorporated areas.

• The hormone-disrupting chemical BPA is found on half of all cash register receipts and nearly all dollar bills.

• There's not enough ozone in the upper atmosphere, so whales in the Gulf of California are getting sunburned.

• Many beached dolphins turn out to be deaf.

• Scientists discover an all-female species of lizard in India that reproduces by cloning.

• A pair of endangered short-tailed albatross, once thought extinct, has started nesting on the U.S. territory of Midway Atoll.

• South Korea is building a 500-turbine, 2,500-megawatt offshore wind farm, more than twice the size of China's 1,000-megawatt Bohai Bay farm.

• In the United States, low prices for natural gas scuttle or delay many wind farms and solar installations.

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