Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Easter Idea with Bunnies

Instead of getting live pets for Easter, what about sponsoring baby orphaned rabbits instead?  Read on .... this is one of the places we support with the sales from our pet food website.

Celebrate Spring … Easter … or any special occasion with a Caring for Bunnies sponsorship from the Wildlife Center of Virginia. 

Each year, the Wildlife Center admits and cares for several hundred Eastern Cottontail patients.  The majority of these delicate patients are young orphan rabbits that typically need care for three to four weeks.  They are our most numerous mammal species admitted – we treated 299 rabbits during 2010. 

Our new Caring for Bunnies sponsorship is a wonderful gift and a wonderful way to help support the Center and the medical care these rabbits will need.

As a Caring for Bunnies sponsor, you [or your gift recipient] will receive a special sponsorship packet, including:
  • Detailed information about Eastern Cottontails, including the care they receive at the Wildlife Center, their natural history, and some tips on how you can help rabbits in the wild;
  • A photo of a rabbit patient;
  • A personalized certificate of sponsorship; and
  • Periodic email updates about some of our 2011 rabbit patients.

This standard sponsorship package is available for $25 [six months]/$50 [one year].

Make your Caring For Bunnies extra special with a limited edition Deluxe package that also includes:  
  • Four delicious chocolate-covered Easter cookies from Mary’s Cakery and Candy Kitchen¸an acclaimed chocolatier from King George, Virginia. [We’ve done some taste-testing here in the office, and Mary makes some terrific chocolate].

  • An adorable five-inch furry palm-sized rabbit finger puppet from Folkmanis 

(Photos of the cookies and the furry puppet are attached.)

The Deluxe sponsorship package is $35 [six months]/$60 [one year].  Shipping costs are included with both packages.  The Deluxe package is a “limited edition” – so please order soon!

Place your order for this special Caring for Bunnies package today!  You may order through the Center’s website … or by phone at 540.942.9453 [the front desk is staffed seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern].

Thanks for your special support of the Wildlife Center … and happy Spring!

Kelly M. Matherly
Fundraising Coordinator
Wildlife Center of Virginia

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