Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent and Creation

Many considered John Muir​ to be a sort of modern John the Baptist, “a voice crying in the wilderness”—for the wilderness. Muir’s cry was not for repentance in preparation for the first coming of Messiah, but it was a cry for repentance in preparation for the second coming of Messiah.

Sadly, it appears that Muir himself probably had little faith in and awareness of Jesus as the coming Prince of Peace, who is the one true hope for the kind of earth he longed for ....

To prepare Israel for the First Advent, John the Baptist called the Jews of his day to be baptized in an act of “repentance for sin leading to forgiveness”—a cleansing that looked forward to the soon-coming Messiah.

When the Jews who came to be baptized asked John what they were to do in their daily lives as a result of his baptism, he did not call them to more religious ritual or retreat from society. Instead he responded by declaring that they must share both food and clothing with the poor, that they were not to defraud one another or extort money from one another, and they were to be content with their lot. That advice seems amazingly contemporary! Read the entire article.

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