Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emergency Situations and Pets

The time to prepare for the safety of your pets during a weather catastrophe or any emergency situation is BEFORE the event happens.

 Even though you have a basic idea of what you want to take with you, when you're in the middle of such a crisis, you won't be able to bring that mental list to the forefront of thought.

So, plan ahead. There are always tragic heartbreaking stories of all the pets that were lost or abandoned because there wasn't enough time to get them ready to go. It's not that hard to be prepared. It's basically a matter of taking the time to view what's needed and then make a list that applies to YOUR situation and gather it up.

A carrier or crate is of utmost importance since places will not accept pets without them. So once you have that, take a box and place in other items that will need to go. You can put that inside the carrier or crate so it won't even take up any more space. If you have to use your carrier or crate without an emergency, it's easy enough to take the box out.

The ASPCA has great information on Disaster Preparedness for Pets.

Even if you plan to go to family or friends during a disaster, you, your pet and the people and pets you stay with will be much more comfortable if your pet is in a crate or carrier. It allows all to adjust with less stress.

If you plan to use a motel, find out ahead of time the hotels that will accept pets in the area where you think you would relocate to during the emergency. Here's a list of websites that allow you to find pet-friendly motels.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

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