Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Visit To The Emergency Room

by Donna L. Watkins
Note - Posting Date is 9/28/12.  This was included in my semi-monthly newsletter issue of March 1, 2012.  Since it's quite a piece of my Healing Journey,  I'm posting it separate since family, friends and people we tell this God's Glory Story to, want to read all the details online.  God is amazing and loves us so much ... my situation is not a miracle, it's a provision that is available to all of us.  God Wants You Well!
Amidst all of the beauty of God's Creation, there is always the devil's work to be found.  I've still not found my way completely out of these diseases, but am filled with joy and peace as the process continues to improve.

The fluids were building up which created a lot of problems since all the abdominal organs are saturated in them, so eating is of no interest.  When I finally read information online that the oral diuretics are not going to be assimilated if there's abdominal fluid, I realized why they didn't work (I had tried and stopped after a few days several times).  I knew I was going to have to go with the IV diuretic which the cardiologist had wisely recommended, but I refused.

The Wall Across From My Bed Reminds Me
So, last Saturday we went to ER at the hospital to do it.  It took 3.5 hours till we left and it was rather a nightmare visit with the doc being "legally obligated" to fill us in on every gory detail of the process till death and recommendation to contact Hospice and be sure I have a living will in order.

I understand he has to do that for legal reasons, but Randal and I just exchanged continued glances that said, "Toss it off!"  When you're walking by faith, an accounting of the physical facts is not a bonus.  "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (yet)."

The doc's information also said the IV wouldn't remove abdominal or fluids on the legs but would make breathing easier.  He also said, right before ordering the IV, that it would only take off a litre of fluid which was about 20% of what needed to go. Randal saw my look of dismay and said, "Remember the fire extinguisher.  It will do more."

We had a lightning fire in the attic in July 2000 back in Alabama and it blew out our phone and electric.  We had a large fire extinguisher that Randal took to the attic but it wouldn't spray far enough to reach the fire.  He prayed and it shot out and made the distance, being able to extinguish it enough to run for a neighbor's phone.  I saw his point immediately.

Seagull With More Than He Needs to  Swallow

It was a somber evening though, but fortunately we got the bad report washed off by morning and were back on track with faith which is going to give the 'last report' on this.

The IV took off 50% more fluid than he said and did take it off the abdomen enough for me to eat and for the oral diuretic to now work, so I continue to move off more water each day.  So far, it's 7 pounds down the drain.  I'm also seeing improvement in my heart being stronger.  Turning over in bed produced breathing like I'd just finished running a race.  That is gone and last night I slept some without the oxygen, so things are moving about at the pace of my faith right now ... but it will grow.

Thank you to all of you who have said you're praying. It's amazing God has gathered a prayer force from all around and in very unusual ways.  It's very humbling to have so many people praying for you ... and it's very comforting to see God work so hard to bring you through.  He's already done His part by sending Jesus to die so that "by His stripes we were healed," but he still knows we are but flesh and when His child asks for bread, He does not give a stone.

There aren't many people you can converse with while going through a spiritual battle.  Everybody has their own suggestions and many with greater faith in the medical realm than the spiritual, so conversations are hard.  Words are powerful and you must choose what you allow yourself to hear and absorb.

Donna and Randal
Crabtree Falls, Tyro, VA

Randal's family only found out about it two months into the problem and that was because his brother asked him to come to Oklahoma to stay with their parents while his mom recovered from her fall and broken ribs.  We only wanted to limit the endless "how's Donna" conversations with concerned and loving friends and family.

Heart valve replacement is an option but since the rheumatoid factor is in the background (having most likely caused the problem according to the doctors), then we're only patching up one hole and waiting for the next.  That's not a good fix.

Only God can make it all right with total healing.  It's part of our salvation package, but we've not been taught that, so we don't have the faith to appropriate it ... but I'm moving in that direction!  I told the ER doctor (who was a Christian with a cross on his pocket) that it was either Healing or Heaven, it will not be Hospital and that I believed in healing.  He said, "Well, Jesus is a better physician than I am."

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