Friday, March 9, 2012

Preaching & Doing

From Wonder of Creation
Dean Ohlman

I have to confess that I have a lot of anguish of soul over what I preach and how I live. This is especially so in the area of living a creation-careful life.

Like everyone else alive in the US today, I’m a child of what could be called the Power Age of America. I obtained my driver’s license in 1958, the era of “muscle cars.” Though my first car was a gutless Studebaker, a hand-me-down oil burner we called the “Purple Turtle,” my college car was a huge De Soto Firedome with a massive V8 engine.

Driving over-powered cars everywhere; horribly inefficient furnaces pumping out enough heat to keep our Michigan homes at 70 degrees all winter long; air conditioning to keep cars, homes, offices, and stores at 70 degrees all summer long; Florida orange juice every morning; chicken from North Carolina three times a week; beef from Colorado a few times more each week, lots of tomato soup from California; cereal from nearby Battle Creek made from corn, oats, and wheat from who knows where.

Hot, glowing TV sets burning for hours a day. Those are the comforts and conveniences I became accustomed to—and virtually all of us believe we are now entitled to. And it’s all come at a price—to God’s good creation and to our physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Read the entire article.

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