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Newsletter - 4/1/12

Hello Dear Friends!

God is awesome and wonderful and He has healing available to us if we can just reach out and receive.  Believe and receive!  How many times did Jesus say, "Only believe."  And he continually told people that THEIR faith has made them whole.

Egg Mass from Pond
We don't really want to think we have any responsibility in getting healed, but the Bible is pretty clear on it.  So, I keep studying and renewing my mind from many old religious beliefs that were fed in (traditions of men) that have no Biblical basis of Truth.  God is always faithful!

Sinking ourselves in the Word will give great revelation.  I think as a culture, we have relied too much on books and tapes and left the Bible behind, many convincing themselves that they can't understand it.  The Holy Spirit's job is to reveal it to you and He will never let you down.

Randal cleaned out the pond a couple weeks ago and we found lots of egg masses from frogs and newts.  I get so excited to see life recreate itself in things in our own backyard wildlife habitat.  It's so simple to create a place for wildlife and so very very very rewarding for sure.

Egg Mass from Pond
It's amazing to think that such small creatures can create such huge masses of eggs that are much bigger than the creature itself!  Incredible!  But then, isn't that God ... totally incredible and awesome and wonderful!

While gathering leaves out of the pond with the net, we always pull up wiggly critters.  We had a lot of bullfrog tadpoles last Fall and actually released them in a much bigger pond across the street.  I'm not really thrilled that bullfrogs have taken over our little pond since they are ferocious eaters and will not share territory with other frogs (since they'll look at them as a simple meal).

11 Bullfrog Tadpoles, 11 Red-spotted Newts,
2 Aquatic Worms & One Whirligig Beetle
This time we had more bullfrog tadpoles - 11 to be exact.  I considered releasing them across the street, but didn't have a peace about it this time, so maybe they'll provide food for something else in the pond.  If our two adult bullfrogs are still in there ... they will eat them.

We have a bunch of red-spotted newts which is amazing.  I think they are the cutest things and can't imagine why we are so blessed to have such a big resident amount of them.

Last year was the first time we found aquatic worms in the pond.  I didn't even know there were worms that lived in water.

I'm still working on scanning my print photos into digital format.  This will be a year-long project.  It has been wonderful reliving the moments and revisiting all the places we've traveled to.

Lots of my photos are of God's creatures as you might imagine and this male peacock photo was such an picture of majesty, beauty and the amazing creativity of God's design.

All around us we see the character and attributes of our Father by looking at what He has made.

As I write this I am attending a few days at Andrew Wommack's meetings in Woodbridge, VA.  As you know I've been struggling with serious heart issues.  The last issue of this newsletter recounted my visit to ER and the nightmare of verbal details from the doctor who told us to contact Hospice and have my living will in order.

I had already chosen healing or heaven since I don't see surgery as an option, being based on the fact that the problem came from the rheumatoid disease ... and it will only continue to eat at the heart ... and then another surgery?  It's just not in my range of imaginations.

I've really adapted and worked around the devil's droppings of disease in my life for far too long and have decided I'm going to believe and live by the Word -- or die by it.  Fortunately I have my husband's agreement and we have been standing firm on it, along with precious people who have been praying for me.  It has been a very humbling experience, but humility is something we can't have too much off.

Question Mark Comma Butterfly (Polygonia interrogationis)
The Bible says God gives grace to the humble ... and all of our provisions of Christ are through grace, so I don't want to stop the flow of that.

I've had prayer with Andrew and also with a prayer minister at another time last night.  I talked with Andrew again today to seek his agreement on healing NOW rather than gradual, although he spoke to me that I should not despise gradual improvement.  I guess I'm not a very patient person ... but I also know it's a HUGE and HEAVY battle of the mind to go slow, even though you have signs along the way of definite healing, the devil does all he can to keep you deceived.

Last night I was able to walk distances I've not walked in months and today I'm even stronger, so I know my body is coming into alignment with God's design and the healing that Christ has already provided for me on the Cross.

Thank you to those who are praying!  I truly consider it a treasure and immense gift of God to lay me on your hearts as many have emailed and told me.

By the way, the meeting with Healing Rooms Int'l never turned out on March 23rd.  I'd asked you to pray for that.  They emailed the night before the appointment and said that one of the two members of the team couldn't make it, so they wanted to reschedule.  I had not had a total peace on going from the beginning but it "made sense" to everybody else, so I agreed.  We emailed back saying a reschedule would be fine, but never heard back from them.  I love it when I turn things over to God and He just works them out for my good.

© Donna L. Watkins - Passionflower Closeup
God's Amazing Design
Getting here to the Andrew Wommack conference was a huge step of faith with nothing in the physical realm to verify that I could actually do it.  But I knew in my spirit I was to plan on going.  It has all turned out well, even though the devil attacked big time all the way from our home to the hotel.

God is good!  He never leaves us and He's always a great comfort as we struggle with our soul (mind, will and emotions) in this earthly life.  We are to walk in the spirit, but we get wrapped up in our 5 senses and walk in the soul/flesh instead.  The key to success and provision of all of God's promises is to renew the mind and to stand in the power and authority that Christ died to give us.  It seems we have tolerated so much we haven't had to.

Be sure to watch the video of Niki Ochenski's healing testimony.  It had my husband and I both crying.  What a mighty God we serve!

Enjoy the beauty of Spring and the longer daylight hours of Daylight Savings Time.  We are loving the many songs of the mating birds!

Healing complete ... restoration in process,

P.S.  If you enjoy this newsletter and The Nature In Us website ... share it with somebody else!  Maybe you know of somebody who needs something in this issue.  Thanks!

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