Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Does God Heal?

by Donna L. Watkins

I have a very special friend, Mary, who adds a lot of wisdom to my life. She's also a great intercessor and along with many of you, keeps me encouraged and steadfast on the path to total healing and walking in divine health.

Garden Snail Eating Worm
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Worm on Walkway
With this most recent health challenge of the heart valve, I guess I've had my own way that I wanted God to heal me. I guess I generally have my own way of how things should be done ... maybe there's a few more out there that have that tendency?  When life seems to be going at a snail's pace, we think we've got better ideas.

I believe that we truly limit God when we give him our agenda of how to fix things, and the awful part of that is that we actually miss the way God intended to bless us. I wanted instant healing, just like Jesus says it should be in the Bible ... but He also said, "according to your faith, be it done unto you." With so little healing taking place in "the church" today, Christians have a lot of natural doubt and unbelief stored away to compete with our faith on being healed.

So, God in His love for us, provides a way regardless, but if we're dead set on seeing something happen one particular way, we certainly won't see His provision. After writing about this in an update to some friends on the healing that's taking place within me, and my struggle to continue to use His herbal remedies to build and restore, rather than have instant healing.

It also brings up the topic of unworthiness, which I think many of us struggle with without even knowing it. Growing up being rewarded for good grades, being grounded for bad behaviors, we often believe that we may not deserve something unless we perform a certain way ... and who is perfect every day of their life? God's grace has provided our healing. It's nothing we can earn any more than we can earn salvation.

My friend Mary responded with some thoughts that I think may help somebody else also.

Mary Wright, My Love For Creation Friend
Our Woods Walk at Scheier Natural Area
From Mary Wright:

God knows what each of us needs ... He knows our hearts. God partners with us uniquely to guide us in the way we will be able to receive. And we need to partner with Him in obedience because He knows us best. He wired us uniquely because our various gifts are ALL needed in the Kingdom.

Some of us operate totally by faith, but need the vision and mental analysis that someone else brings into the mix. Sims [her husband] and I are a good example of that. He needs to be thinking about how things get done ... fixed ... figured out. I'm the dreamer. It takes BOTH of us to get things done in a way that honors God. Our gifts complement each other and when we partner, we have better results than if we worked solo.

So God provided healing agents in nature ... and He provided healing faith in His people. And it may take ALL of those things to bring to pass the healing He has for us. It's a partnership. Each unique situation may require a different mix to bring victory, but it's all there.

I just touched base with the man who took over the prayer ministry at my former church when we moved down here. He was thanking God for the surgery 24 years ago which totally healed his heart and gave him new life. In that case, his partnership with the healing process was uniquely victorious for where he was in his walk with the Lord at that time. Today, he would be trusting in prayer alone. But then, the surgery did the trick! God knows where we are, how much faith we have, and what we need. And He calls us to trust Him on whatever level we can, based on our gifts, our trust level, and our receptive gifts.

I don't see you lacking in faith at all. I think deep down you feel you are not worthy to RECEIVE. It shows up in many ways and it's a common condition of many of us who are "givers." We aren't good at receiving, we are far better at giving. God will heal that, but it is a pattern that has built up over a lifetime, and it will take time and work to undo it.

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Medicinal Properties of Dandelion

In the meantime, God has resources in His beautiful creation that can be used in a unique partnership of healing - because the goal is to see you healed - in whatever way your body, mind, and spirit can receive it at this point in time.

He knows that the herbs will help because He created them with healing properties. So He is working with you to get healing into your system, while building your faith and trust in His divine love and purpose for your life.

And when you minister to others, you will be using the full arsenal of tools the Lord has given you: prayer, herbs, diet, counseling - everything - because the people who come to you will have unique places in their spiritual walk and "one size does not fit all."

Looking back on the 33 years since I began using herbal remedies, I've had so much healing and have seen so many others be healed through these God-created plants. I truly believe that God made a plant for every malady that mankind will ever have until the return of Christ. It's a great comfort when you think about it. And now with the power of the internet and our inner wisdom and spirit-led direction, we can have that power at work in our lives.

I was Googling a search for something on heart valves when at the top of the list was a website that had information Lily of the Valley extract being used to repair heart valves, even the Mitral Valve which is the one that's too destroyed for repair. Yes, it can be replaced, but my faith does not include options for surgery, so it's wise not to tread into areas where you have to faith to return from them.

If you have a wonderful healing story, please share it in the comments section below the blog post so others can be encouraged. We all are truly one in God's eyes. We need to begin looking at others the same way.

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Anonymous said...

I have never posted here- but I do have a story of healing - several years ago I was bitten by a brown recluse spider- the doc thought it could be shingles so I was treated for that instead- when the bite got so bad I returned to the doc who said I would lose all the tissue around my ankle as well as the tendon and maybe even some bone- in our town one person had died from a bite and two other people had lost limbs that same summer- my mother who lived in the next state,knew about what was going on and was annoited in my stead- she called me a day later and asked if it was getting better- it was- I returned to the doctor a few days later and he was amazed at my progress- I had a dark discolored area around my anke for about 10 years but today there is no sign of being biten by this dangerous spider- the only expanation was that I was healed by our Lord and I am grateful for it. sorry the post is so long- Min in ky

sharingsunshine said...

AWESOME! What a blessing to have a mother so full of faith! Your post was not "so long." :-)


I was totally healed of cancer. I worked for an Imaging Center. I had lost my mother the year before at the age of 90 and I kept thinking I felt bad because I missed her so much. One day I was sitting at my computer and I heard the Lord say (in my right ear), get a CT Scan. I immediately went down stairs and told the Dr. I needed to get a CT scan , I had been having bladder infections. Within 15 minutes I was in the scanner and within 30 minutes told I had a very large tumor on the right ovary and needed immediate surgery. The Dr sent me to a GYN Dr. that day and she confirmed surgery was needed. I didn't want to have surgery. My mother had died due to an over dose of anesthesic and I wanted no part of it. The Dr I worked for told me it must be done and it must be done immediately. My husband and children agreeded with the Dr. Surgery was done and they got the tumor out and told me all was well.
Samples were sent for biopsy. Two weeks later I am told they found cancer but felt they got it all but further test would be made of the samples they took. I had to wait another six weeks for the results. That was the longest six weeks I ever went through. I knew God was walking with me throughout all this for I felt his presence and I knew he was not about to heal me of that large tumor and cancer for the dr to still find signs of it. Reports came back and felt nothing more needed to be done, no chemo, nothing (PRAISE THE LORD). I truly believe by the very hand of God Almighty, I was healed. I LISTENED TO HIM WHEN I HEARD HIM WHISPER IN MY EAR, GET A CT SCAN. I felt he had me get the CT scan to show me I had to move on the situation I was in for I don't go to doctors. I depend on the Lord to keep me healthy. I was told to go to the dr yearly for exams to be sure the cancer doesn't return. I don't do this for I don't feel there is a need for it. I know my God is not gonna heal me of something and turn around and let me get it again. I would have never gotten through this tough time had I not had faith in my Lord and Savior and I was totally dependent on him. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS WE ARE HEALED AND I CLAIM IT ALL. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!! ELVA ANDRADE said...

I feel compelled to tell this story about a little girl named Sami. Sami and her family attended church with my family for a long period of time. My son and her dad were on the praise and worship team in the music ministry. Sami became suddenly ill at age 4. To make a long story short, she was diagnosed with leukemia and was near death a number of times. It was touch and go for weeks on end. She was so very , very sick.
Her mom and dad had a little boy and mom was pregnate at the time . They never left Sami alone. Sami was on life support. The medication was very hard on her little body. Her mom and dad had faith that would move mountains. Many were praying for little Sami for total healing, in agreement and having faith. Many times we would get a tx saying "urgent prayer needed". The doctors more or less didn't give any hope this child would make it. God answers prayers, God heals and the Lord walked right by the side of this mom and dad and precious little girl. Sami has been in remission now for along time. She has started to school and doing well. God has provided a beautiful ranch home with acreas of land for this family in California. Beautiful orchards and garden to grow all their foods. We miss them here in Texas but are so thankful to the Lord for healing this precious little girl and not stopping there but blessing the family with a move to a new climate and beautiful ranch .
The Lord promises us so much . He doesn't go back on his promises. He is always there and his healing comes in HIS own timing like it did with little Sami. Regardless of what the doctors said, no one ever gave up on the Lord. The doctors was astonished at the progress this child made.

sharingsunshine said...

WWhat a testimony to the power of believing in the Word!

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