Friday, June 29, 2012

Pets: Talking About Ticks

Video by Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah’s back with a brand new episode of Pet Talk to discuss one of nature’s nasty little creatures, ticks, revealing how you and your companion animals can deal with these blood-sucking menaces.

Unfortunately, tick populations have blossomed in recent years, a bane to almost anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. And, with tick season about to begin, you need to know how to protect – and defend – against these disease-carrying critters.

Dr. Sarah shares her best tips and dispels common myths about how to handle one of nature’s nuisances.   Watch this informative video now ….

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Anonymous said...

Have had no joy accessing link about ticks from Dr. Sarah. Tried from email several times and now from here.

Help, please!

Dominus tecum
Leonie (who has been pulling ticks off her dachshunds in S-E New South Wales, Australia)

sharingsunshine said...

I tried it when the post first went up and it worked. Just now, it doesn't. The error says there's a problem with the server, so it's the Life's Abundance website that is the problem, not your computer or the link. Try again tomorrow.

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