Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keeping Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

From One Green Generation

My sister Lori wrote me last year asking for advice about her new vegetable garden in St. Louis. They have loads of little bunnies. Apparently they’re extremely persistent and have been known to eat even jalapeno peppers! She was worried they will eat her yummy new lettuces, carrots, radishes – and considering their track record, even her tomatoes.

We had jackrabbits at our Northern California home. Have you ever seen one? They’re not your little St. Louis bunny: they are amazingly fast, and they are much bigger than our dog! They eat grass and clover, and presumably they would find our carrots and lettuce absolutely delightful…. but guess what? They were everywhere in our yard EXCEPT in our vegetable garden. I never saw – or found evidence of – a single nibble.

It could be luck, but considering that the rabbits regularly hopped within inches of the vegetable garden, I think it may have to do with a few other things. So I wrote this post to help Lori and all the rest of you who have bunny problems.

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