Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Heartworm Success Story with Herbs

My friend, Robin, in Georgia is an amazing person when it comes to loving dogs. She has helped thousands of dogs with a natural, herbal heartworm program and I just love to know that I have a hero for a friend.

Her journey down this path began with her own dog having heartworms and given a death sentence.  [ Read Bandit's story. ] She was heartbroken and called me to discuss an herbal alternative to get rid of them.  Together we came up with the program she now has used on many happy dogs.

She recently sent me a praise report that one of her clients emailed her and I wanted to share it with you folks who have pets. The toxic heartworm programs are so dangerous and many people don't know there are natural alternatives.  YOU can share this information with other pet owners you know.  Heartworms have become a real prevalent problem, so having a safe effective way to deal with it is a real blessing.

Sadly most people don't take the time to email .. but many people don't feel they can put their thoughts into words on such occasions also.  But here's the recent success story I received:
"Robin, GREAT NEWS!!!!! We took Daisey for a blood test yesterday, she is negative for heartworms. We will continue with the prevention dosages now.  We are all so happy, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I was very disappointed that the Vet did not want information about this, but she seemed happy that Daisey was negative. What a great 4th of July for us."  Deb
How awesome!  Robin works very closely with her clients and is full of knowledge, encouragement and advice.  She's used to holding a lot of doggie mama's hands and has a lot of stories to reassure them all is going well.

Robin is not a techie whiz so she pays somebody to add content to her website.  Although all of her success stories are not there, there are plenty  more heartworm success stories that are very exciting.

If you have just been told your dog has heartworms ... or know somebody who has ... be sure to contact Robin to at least get some advice and hope for the future.  I can tell you, you will be one happy pet mama or papa.

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