Monday, July 30, 2012

Jesus Healed All and Has Healed Me

by Donna L. Watkins
The teaching that says that sickness is actually a blessing in disguise, because the Lord is working His plan in one's life, is not found in scripture.
Acts 10:38 says, Jesus "went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil," not "oppressed of God."
As I change my beliefs about God and healing, my body is still responding with more healing.  I am sometimes stunned and amazed beyond words.  I've had numerous health problems all my life and had learned to adapt and keep moving on.  Now I realize that I was only accommodating the work of the devil.
Jesus said in John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full."
© Donna L. Watkins - Squirrel Eating Watermelon
According to the medical reports and doctors' reports I would probably be dead by now since I refused the open heart surgery to replace a diseased and destroyed heart valve.  I also refused medication to regulate my wild heart arrhythmia. 

My heart had already enlarged so much to accommodate the overflow of the blood from the valve that wasn't working which created a real concern for stroke, and my lungs were 1/3 full of fluid so that I was in the process of drowning.  We were told to call Hospice and have a living will in order.  [The beginning of the story can be read here: The Heart of the Matter.]

I didn't know how much fluid I was retaining until it began coming off, but I weighed 141 in the Emergency Room visit and 4 months later I was able to eat anything I wanted without thought of the sodium content. I continued to weigh for another month excited as I saw my weight remain low even with the extra sodium.  I knew I still had some stores of fluid in my right thigh and a bit in my abdomen, but I had the thought that I shouldn't be focusing so much on the scale, so I took it out of my bathroom on the 23rd of this month.

Was I ever surprised yesterday when I weighed in at 117.8 yesterday.  And I had eaten a huge bowl of popcorn for dinner with Real Salt and nutritional yeast the night before.  It was like laughing in the devil's face!  Even with the pounds I've added to regain some "meat" between bone and skin (as my Daddy called it), I'm continuing to lose every ounce of what does not belong in me.  That's more than 25 pounds of fluid I had stored up.  How great God is and what an awesome provision He has given us through Jesus.

At the end of February, I couldn't turn over in bed without extreme effort and breathing difficulties even with the oxygen on.  I so enjoyed taking back the oxygen machine on July 12th!

Now at the end of five (5) months I'm still adding tasks onto my long list of what I am able to accomplish around the house and garden.  There really isn't anything I can't do, but I don't have the muscle built back to have the endurance I need yet.  Praise GOD!  

So I've been applying the same Word to all of my health issues and have focused on allergies since I had them from the day I was born.  In my 20's I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), had 54 food allergies, reaction to pollen anywhere in the world, and cat dander result of 10+ on a scale of 1 to 10.  [Exciting news on allergies below!]

I tried all kinds of restrictions and rotation diets during those early years and had to remove every chemical in the house and garage which included makeup and many personal care items.  It was quite a nightmare experience and I was pretty much confined to the house with signs on the door.  It didn't take away all symptoms so I was still being deceived by the devil.  He loves to play games with us.

Eventually I decided that God was bigger than all of that and I was going to beat this and eat what I wanted and not be ruled by a diet that didn't allow me to freely fellowship.  That's where I remained but anytime I would eat wheat and many other things, my nose and eyes would run.  It was like a scheduled event, but it just became part of life.

As each health problem was added, it was like the devil had put one more chain around my neck.  When I was on the oxygen with those tubes following me everywhere, I really got a picture of feeling yanked around by the devil and it got me into a position of having some righteous indignation against all that he had stolen from me.

© Donna L. Watkins - Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly
When Jesus died to set us free from sickness and disease because He took the curse on His own body, we were totally healed in the spiritual realm.  But we have not been taught that and some of us have even been taught that healing is not for today and that God uses it for good in our lives and to teach us things.

Deuteronomy 28 makes it clear that disease is a curse and if Jesus redeemed us from the curses of the law (Galations 3:13), then we are already healed, but we're just not receiving it. It's the same with salvation, Jesus has already died for everyone's sins but not everybody receives salvation, even though the Bible tells us that God wants all to be saved (I Timothy 2:3-4).

The Father has provided healing through His Son, Jesus, but we don't believe in our hearts that it is so.  We have a lot of head knowledge and we can read a Scripture and say, "Okay, I can change my mind on that - that makes sense."  But that doesn't change your belief system which has had so many years of disbelief and possibly wrong teaching on this subject.

It's so simple when you realize the Truth, but it isn't an easy road ahead for some folks, especially if you've been "churched" and saved for a long time. Belief systems run deep. It takes time to renew an unbelieving mind, but I am seeing the results of sowing the Word into my heart and believing the Word regardless of what my physical body tells me ... and after a period of time, my physical body responds.

If you look up the Greek word for salvation, the word used is "sozo" which means salvation, healing and deliverance all in one package. Sozo appears 120 times in the New Testament. So if we're saved, but not walking in deliverance and healing, we've left a lot on the table, but as for me, I'm in the process of eating it all up.

The most recent thing I have noticed in the healing department is that I can eat wheat and other foods without my nose running.  I'm not saying all my allergies are gone, but I am seeing things turn around.

I guess my faith is a slow one since I can hardly believe it any time another problem goes away.  My mind is still being renewed that God loves me, isn't mad at me for anything, and wants to be a part of my every thought and action all day long.  WOW!  The God that holds the universe in the span of His hand wants to spend time with me!  It's exciting to be on the path to wholeness and total health.

Yesterday we went letterboxing and on the first 1/4 mile walk there was a 40 foot rise in elevation.  My husband has a watch that tells you that.  Each step was exciting as I thought about God's goodness to us.  With each step I realized that I am strong by the power of His Spirit! (Ephesians 6:10 "brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.").  I was a bit out of breath since I don't walk a lot of inclines ... but I'm going to work on that by adding some stair walking to my exercise routine.

Here's a list of resource links I've used to remain in the Word on this topic:

God Wants You Well - I began with the book and then watched the conference on the same topic.

Healing Testimonies on the ministry website of Andrew Wommack Ministries are really exciting and encouraging and I learned from what others had done for healing.

School of Healing - every Thursday at 3 PM EST there is a broadcast live on the website, but they are also archived so I've gone through many months of programs.

© Donna L. Watkins - Young Male Deer
As I Have Loved You - It was one of the sessions in this video that ended with the healing time being recorded and Andrew spoke that there was somebody that had a problem with heart rhythm.  I was in the third month of the critical arrhythmia, getting little sleep and feeling washed out without doing anything, so my heart leaped at the words.

I broke into tears knowing that God had led me to this one video out of hundreds on the site. I received it and didn't think much more about it since I had been prayed for many times and you don't want to "set yourself up for disappointment" - oh! me of little faith.

It wasn't until the next day that I realized it was gone!  Wow, did that help me to be able to sleep and continue on this healing journey with more rest that I certainly needed.

Understanding God's love is a key to our faith and trust in Him.  The God of the Old Testament covenant is not the Father of the New Testament that Jesus portrayed.
In John 14:9b-11 Jesus says, "He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works."
Jesus did nothing but good and He tells us it was all the Father's doing it. This is not the God that many of us have known for many years. It's time to rediscover what our Father is really like: The True Nature of God.

All of these conference videos are also on audio so I downloaded oodles of them and purchased a Walkman to put them on so I could listen during the night and all day long.

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Creative Art Expressions said...

Wish I could give you a great big hug! I loveeeee reading this! Still processing..... :)

sharingsunshine said...

I would love to get that hug! It is a lot to process, even for me!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, your faith has made you whole. My prayers are with you. Thank you for the good news. KB

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,
I enjoyed reading this so much! Such wonderful news. I always enjoy your pictures, Thanks so much. I continue to keep you in my prayers & pray that I will have the faith, hope and love that you have! Hugs, Charlene

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, it is so good to hear your testimony again, and in more detail. Please feel free to remind us that God heals and He healed
you. It absolutely encourages me!

Thank you Jesus for keeping Donna and her ministry around much longer.

Love, Lisa

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Donna for your encouraging testimony affirming God's purpose for us is to trust and have faith on Him completely. Anne

Anonymous said...

my heart just sings with pleasure at your testimony my sweet friend! God is so Good to us!!! it’s all there for the picking! Kari

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, You are truly blessed! I'm so happy for you and really feel that you will just continue to get better and better. All my best,

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