Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden - Belmont, NC

by Donna L. Watkins

© Donna L. Watkins - Daniel Stowe Botanical
Gardens - Belmont, NC
I had wanted to visit this place for several years. It was on my list of places to see, so this year for Mother's Day I thought it would be a good choice. We were going to be in North Carolina anyway so it wasn't much out of the way to spend a day here.

We were surprised at how much there was to see at Daniel Stowe Gardens. They not only had a large variety of gardens, but had meadow areas and forested areas with many educational signs to keep you informed of important things to preserve plants and natural communities. The trails go all the way down to the river.

© Donna L. Watkins - Daniel Stowe Botanical
Gardens - Belmont, NC
The information helps you with landscaping to attract birds, butterflies and the many wonderful critters that come "if you will build it."

It's amazing what one man's dream can build. In 1991, Daniel J. Stowe, a retired textile executive from Belmont, NC, reserved 380 acres of prime rolling meadows, woodlands, and lakefront property and established a foundation on which to develop a world-class botanical garden.  He definitely accomplished that and hasn't stopped improving upon it.

© Donna L. Watkins - Daniel Stowe Botanical
Gardens - Belmont, NC
There are water features and artistic creations and sculptures all over the place with some of them in hidden areas where you can take a bench and leave all your cares behind.

It's an amazing place to visit!  If you're not near enough to do so, check out the photo album, enlarge the photos to screen size and make a virtual visit.

View my Daniel Stowe Photo Album for more photos.

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