Saturday, August 11, 2012

Amazing Kilimanjaro Adventure For Charity

In early 2013, a group of adventurers from every corner of the globe will come together for a once-in-a-lifetime, world record-breaking event to climb and fly from the “Roof of Africa” - Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain on the planet, and in doing so will raise over a million for charity.

For over 20 years the Government of Tanzania has strictly enforced the ban on the use of Paragliders, Hang Gliders and Mountain Bikes in the Kilimanjaro National Park. In 2013, however, they will lift this restriction for a one time only event, Wings Of Kilimanjaro.

Using Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, as the platform for our activity and the vehicle for our cause, it is Wings Of Kilimanjaro’s shared vision that we can utilise this rare opportunity to reinforce the universal need for humanity, compassion and generosity inherent in all of us.

While the mountain climbing and the paragliding/hang-gliding activities form the foundation of this event, we do not underestimate the vital importance and need for our wider community to get involved!

Wings Of Kilimanjaro is not just a unique stage for adventurers; it is also a unique opportunity that can propel us all to do better for and by one another.

The Tanzanian government has specifically requested that funds raised by this event be spent on three key areas of need:
- Health
- Environment
- Education

Watch the very short video and read more about it.

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