Friday, August 24, 2012

Birds: Avoiding Window Collisions and Cats

From National Wildlife Magazine

Each year up to 1 billion North American birds die after colliding with windows, says Muhlenberg College researcher Daniel Klem. One way to warn birds that an invisible but solid barrier blocks their flight path is to decorate windows with decals. “But that’s hardly visually satisfying,” Klem notes.

A more pleasing option for consumers would be windows that reflect UV light—visible to birds but not people—a project Klem is working on and hopes to convince manufacturers to produce commercially.

Hundreds of million of birds also fall prey each year to outdoor cats. One entrepreneur is capitalizing on birds’ ability to see UV to combat the problem by marketing a collar that claims to make feline predators more visible to birds.  Read the patent information.

Editor's Note:
I could not find a source of the actual collars.  If anybody knows where they can be purchased, please leave a comment with the link.  Thanks!

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