Friday, August 31, 2012

Top Ten Best Wild Animal Dads

We could learn some lessons from America's animal kingdom on the topic of how to be a super dad. 

The Red Fox is #1 as the best "tough love" Dad.

© Donna L. Watkins - Red Fox in Backyard
For the first month after a fox couple produces young, the female must stay in her den, doubling as a food source and thermal blanket for the babies, called kits. Dad's job is providing her with food every four to six hours until she can leave the den and start hunting as well.

For the young, though, life is a free ride for about 90 days, as both parents cater to their needs. After three months, it's time for life's first harsh lesson as the adults start making the pups work for their grub: Fox fathers bury surplus food close to the den and disguise it with leaves and twigs, teaching the kits to sniff and forage and laying the groundwork for their adult roles as hunters.

Read about the other best dads in the animal world.

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