Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Star-nosed Mole - A Face To Love

From eNature.com

The Star-nosed Mole is a dark little creature that burrows in muck. It can swim, too—no other mole can swim. But what most sets it apart is that distinctive nose, which looks more like a misplaced sea anemone than a nasal appliance.

The nose consists of twenty-two small tentacles. Together these tentacles contain some 25,000 touch sensors and 100,000 nerve fibers, and these make the nose several times more sensitive than a human hand. No wonder the Star-nosed Mole is said to possess the best sense of touch of all animals.

So don’t forget this little guy next time you hear about the benefits of a nose-job—sometimes you just can’t improve on nature! Read more about this mole.

In case you think moles are totally a bad thing, be sure to read this post: Moles Benefits Garden. They are great bug and grub eaters.

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