Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are Animals Aware of Death?


From Egypt’s ancient pyramids to Incan mummies to the modern American funeral home, abundant evidence exists to show that humans bear a special relationship to the dead. A similar attitude toward the dead is not as clear in other species.

In the early 1970s, anthropologist Ernest Becker wrote in his Pulitzer Prize–winning book Denial of Death that nonhuman animals know nothing about dying: “The knowledge of death is reflective and conceptual, and animals are spared it.” But today, thanks to scientists investigating the origins of human behavior in nonhuman species, Becker’s view is becoming outdated.

A growing body of evidence suggests that at least some species recognize death’s special nature. Read the entire article.

You can also read the account of the death of Lawrence Anthony who worked with elephants to rescue and rehabilitate them all over the world to then release them into the wild.  While living and working in South Africa he died and three days later 31 elephants showed up at the man's house (12 miles from where they were released), stayed two days voluntarily fasting, and then left.

How awesome to see the spiritual realm of the rest of Creation!  We are body, soul and spirit ... and truly need to spend more time  living in the spirit to be in tune with God's promises and way of living.  Read this amazing story ...

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