Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lawn Gone!

by Donna L. Watkins

Have you had enough mowing of the grass in your yard?  Another season is rolling in.  What a boring way to spend hours of your weekend time and how interesting is the look of a lawn to begin with?

Maybe the green grass of rural Virginia horse farms looks very nice and inviting ... but in my opinion a front or back yard full of grass is boring and I see very few that actually look worth the trouble since they all seem to get brown spots and thin out in places and turn to unhealthy shades of green.  Why invest all that time without getting the results you want?

Why not try something different?  Why not convert your lawn into a wild garden?  You can convert one segment at a time.  Add a butterfly garden.  Add a birdbath area with plants around it.  What about a hummingbird garden?  What about bushes that produce fruit for the birds wintering over or migrating through?

When you get diversity into your soil, you'll get diversity in the number of species that frequent your garden.  Here's a few resources:

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Lawn Gone!
Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

Not ready to let go of the lawn? ... at least consider making it a less toxic addition to the environment around you and learn a bit to make it look better.  Here's a few resources:

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White Clover For Lush Lawns
Eco-Friendly Lawn Care
Repair Your Dog-damaged Lawn
Roundup Is Deadly To Human Cells

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