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Donna at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrell's Inlet, SC
This photo was taken at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrell's Inlet, SC (near Myrtle Beach).  It is the most awesome gardens I've ever been to and that's certainly because there are over 1400 pieces of sculpture in it.  I LOVE sculpture!  I enjoy paintings and it amazes me that people can take what's in their mind and get it on canvas or even copy from a photograph.

But, there's something about that 3-D reality of sculpture.  Paintings are wonderful, but sculpture lets me touch and feel and experience at a much deeper level.

You can tell by the tulips in the bottom of the photo that it was Springtime!  March 2011 to be exact.  Well, it is March again and here in Central Virginia there aren't any tulips, but we'll soon have daffodils.  It does make me want to head south to revisit this awesome place.  Our 36th anniversary is coming up on April 9th and we like to celebrate by taking a short trip.  Have no idea where to go.  Memories mean so much more than stuff to me.  Especially when those memories can be reviewed in "living color" at my online photo gallery at Smug

Oh! how happy I was when I saw the hellebores blooming over a week ago. They are the first signs of Spring for me. The colors are also so muted and soft and unique that it brightens my day just looking at them or at photos I've taken. These plants are outside Randal's office so he alerts me when they begin to bud.

© Donna L. Watkins - Hellebore Blooming
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As you know I am not a fan of winter and I just fashion my long wait for Spring around little delights such as these. Every year we get more and more blooms on these hellebores. They were a gift from another Master Gardener (my hubby is part of that organization). It's fun to love a plant and to enjoy the fact that it was a gift from somebody. Makes the garden all the more special.  And seeing these in bloom brings images of a near time that I'll be sitting in the dirt and moving plants about.  I love pulling weeds and thinning out plants to give to others or to plant elsewhere in our own wildlife habitat.

Isn't it amazing how God created everything to be duplicatable?  It just goes on and on and on making more and more beautiful things.  Of course that doesn't stop the devil from getting his hands in this amazing realm of our planet.  With all the GMO seeds and Monsanto forcing farmers to use their patented products, it makes you think you live in a crazy world.  But that only makes our hearts yearn more for the reign of Jesus which is to come.

 How indescribable it will be to live in a place that is ALL about God and His Creation operating in the way that He designed it.  We will walk and talk with the animals as Adam and Eve did.

Cut Holly Branch Blooming and Producing Berries
Five Weeks After Being Cut and Placed in Water

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On the topic of having a little bit of Spring inside even when it's not showing up outside .... Over a month ago, there was a green branch that needed to be cut on the holly by the kitchen window so it wouldn't scrape on the glass. I don't like to cut and throw away so I told the branch it could live awhile longer on the kitchen counter in a vase. I put it there in some water and expected it to gradually die. But in no time at all it began budding as it does to produce flowers and then holly berries. I figured they would all dry up, but instead some of the lower leaves dried up and fell off, and the tiny buds began to bloom and is continuing to do so with some of the berries already full-size and green as they are on the outdoor bushes. They don't turn red until Autumn.

Amazing! Anything I can find from our own garden that will bloom in the winter indoors is a real treasure since even these tiny blooms made me smile every time I looked at them. A sign of Spring all Winter long. The Christmas Cactus that our neighbor gave me when they moved enjoys blooming in November and then begins again in January. It's been blooming for over a month now. Not as many blooms as the first time, but there's always several on there which brings smiles while I eat meals since it's on the breakfast area table. We can always find some simple thing that brings a great amount of joy to our hearts when we know we'll be more challenged with circumstances, as I am with the long bleak leafless tree winters of Central Virginia.

Puzzle:  Tropical Rainforest
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No, it doesn't say that the animals talked, but why would you name something that you weren't having a relationship with?  It didn't have to be verbal language, but more the way we will "talk" in heaven as spirits, just as we talk with God now.

God does say in Genesis 2:20 that "no suitable helper was found for him [Adam]" after naming the animals.  We were created in the image of God, so we were created to relate to God and mankind who was made in His image.  It's always been about relationship ... to God ... and to each other.

When Adam gave his dominion over the earth to the devil, we have all suffered.  But life here on earth is just a small drop in the bucket of eternity, so what matters most is where we will live forever and Jesus did make a way for our forever home to be in Heaven.  If you've never asked Jesus to become your Lord and Savior, visit the Peace With God website.

We had taken a bit of a break on puzzles. We have really been enjoying Rummikub. It's a fun game and our son got us the deluxe version for Christmas since we have played it often for many years. It takes some thinking to shuffle the tiles around in ways to make sequential numbers and colors fit and that's why we love it. But we did get back to puzzling and did the two that are shown in the photos since the last newsletter.

Puzzle:  Old Baltimore Harbor
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The harbor one with ships is one of Randal's favorite puzzles so we've done it many times. He likes the fact it's made of wood and the pieces do not come apart. Matter of fact, I can roll it up and fold it over to put it back in the box and then "smash" it to disperse all the pieces.

The rainforest one would obviously be a favorite of mine. The pieces are pretty big but there's a lot of colors and shades of green, so it's still challenging enough to be entertaining ... and to build our brain cells back from time spend on the computer. That's one of the reasons we do puzzles and play games. When the weather is nicer the diversity of shapes, colors and little moving things in the garden balances out our brain, but in winter, we have to change gears.

Speaking of winters, we used to have a problem with deer mice wanting to winter over in our garage. Since I began seeing black rat snakes in our habitat, we've not had any mice in the garage. They are cute looking things, but they can do a lot of damage.  Mice are one of those things that seem to have a built-in fear for most folks, especially females. What is it about a bare, skinny, long tail that is frightening?

We always used a humane trap that we have to capture them and then take them to a large open field in good weather so they could establish themselves without getting into trouble. If you transport them in winter, they may not survive since they need time to find food sources and avoid competition and predators where they are now living, so good weather is a critical part of making the transition well.  There are some new types of humane mouse traps now so I thought I'd give you a link to check them out in case you have a problem with mice.  Take a look at: Best Humane Mouse Traps

Don't Shampoo In The Shower!
I love to laugh and a week or so ago I got an email from our son, Benjamin, and had a really good laugh. Since I read this I now have a good giggle every time I shower. Here it is so you can enjoy some laughter ... it's good medicine!

Don't shampoo in the shower! 
It's so good to finally get a health warning that is useful!

I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner. I use shampoo in the shower and when I wash my hair the shampoo runs down my whole body. Printed clearly on the shampoo label is the warning, "for extra body and volume." No wonder I have been gaining weight.

Well, I've gotten rid of that shampoo and am going to start shampooing with Dawn dish soap. Its label reads, "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove."
Last weekend Randal and I drove to Richmond, VA to hear Cecil Paxton speak on healing.  We had been listening to him online and really enjoyed his insight into how to receive healing and the 3 ways of getting healed.  Since he does a lot of internationalWe invited 3 friends who weren't listening to him online and when it was all over, we were all greatly encouraged, excited and fed with more details on how to operate in the time period of being healed and seeing the healing.  One of our friends is over the intercessors at her church, another a pastor at another church, and another that is in the process of healing like I am.

Cecil and Lisa Paxton
Not many people are instantly healed because our belief just isn't there for it.  I think we're so used to working for everything we get that it's hard to believe we can simply receive what Jesus has already paid the price to give us.  For some it's because we simply do not understand the amazing love of God toward us (feeling unworthy) and the foundation for most of that is not understanding the difference between the Old Covenant God and the New Covenant Father.  [Resource:  "Confused About What God's Really Like?"]

If you want to listen to healing teachings, there's an archive of speakers on this School of Healing website on the left sidebar.  (Note:  Most of these are preceded by a half hour of worship, but you can skip that by advancing the video.)  Cecil Paxton is one of the speakers listed several times.

Another of my favorite healing teachers is Carlie Terradez.  She was healed from epilepsy and her daughter, who was born with problems and was fed through a feeding tube and at three (3) years old was very near death, was instantly healed at one of Andrew Wommack's conferences.  [Resource: View Video of Testimony]  If we could all believe like a child.

After mentioning the post and recipe for a scrumptious no-chocolate pie (uses carob instead, a chocolate substitute), I received a number of emails from folks who copied the recipe.  Has anybody made it yet?  I'd love to know if the unchallenged title remains that it is truly delicious to all!?  If you've tried it, like it or didn't like it, leave a comment on the blog post so others can benefit from your thoughts:  No-Chocolate Valentine's Day.

There's only nine (9) more days till Daylight Savings Time!  I always feel like Spring is a bit closer when we get to see it light longer into the day.

Love, Hugs & An Abundance of Blessings to YOU!

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