Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning Tips for Backyard Birds

From Birds & Blooms

Don't forget about your feathered friends while you're doing the spring cleaning. Start the season with squeaky clean feeders, houses and baths—you'll be able to spend more time throughout the season enjoying your backyard birds!

I had trouble cleaning our large cedar bird feeder because it would not fit in our sink. My husband suggested I take it to a self-serve car wash. The high-pressure washer did the trick. It removed every trace of seed and dirt without any hassle. -Sheryl Miller, Fogo, Newfoundland

I learned it's sometimes best to leave birdhouse cleaning until early spring. Birds and other small animals may use the old nesting material to keep warm on cold winter nights. When cleaning the birdhouse, remove all debris and sterilize the house by pouring boiling water through it. Make any necessary repairs before rehanging. -Judy Singh, Maryville, Tennesee

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