Monday, May 13, 2013

Ten American Native Plants You Can Eat

Here's an article that may make you begin thinking about planting things that you can eat.  Our garden has always had the focus of food for wildlife, but we can plant enough that there's plants to feed ourselves too.
Native Plants We Can Eat

As we increasingly strive to feed ourselves sustainably, there’s no better place to start than with homegrown native fruits—from blueberries in Maine and scuppernongs in North Carolina to red raspberries in California. We wouldn’t be the only ones to reap the benefits—wildlife love to feast on these fruits, too.

Following are 10 American originals you can grow in your garden come next spring and then enjoy the fruits of your labor during holiday meals and other times. Now is a good time to begin making plans.

To be certain you are not introducing a plant that might be invasive in your area, look for species that are native to your region. Keep in mind that the cultivated varieties available at local nurseries are not necessarily the best choice—their fruits may be bigger, but they’re often less tasty than the native species and may be less attractive to wildlife. Read about these plants.

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