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Newsletter - 2/1/14

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"You are delivered out of the authority of Satan. You are free. You have been delivered out of Satan's dominion. You have been translated into the kingdom of the Son of His love.  -- E.W. Kenyon, What We Are In Christ

Hello Dear Friends!

As you can see, I'm still scanning in old photos. A great Winter project especially with the frigid temperatures we've had for weeks now.  We lived in Montgomery, AL when this photo was taken.  I've been longing for the mild winters we had back there, although they've recently had some severe weather for that area of the country also.

Donna and Benjamin Doing Stretches - 1984
It would be real easy for me to worry over our birds since it goes down to single digits at night and most days aren't above freezing.  At least we haven't had rain, snow or ice.  That is a true blessing.  Every time we see it on the online weather forecast, we command it to go away.  I don't enjoy looking at snow and it hides the food for the birds.

We moved our deck heated birdbath down to the ground so the nighttime critters (raccoons, opossums, skunk, fox, etc.) can get to it.  Especially the deer.  I don't know what they do for water in winter when it stays frozen for so long.  

Speaking of birdbaths, one day it was 30 degrees with a "feels like" 21 degrees and the heated bath on our front porch had a Tufted Titmouse taking a bath.  It was a sunny day, but really!  That's just too cold for bathing.  It just took a few dips and I noticed that the water rolled off its back, so it's not like the good weather baths where they really soak themselves.

I had mentioned in my last newsletter that our good friend and neighbor, Bob, had died from a massive stroke.  It's been a process to adjust to his presence not being here.  He loved to hang out in the yard, talking to anybody that walked by, and making jokes with the neighbors.  It seemed his goal in life was to make people feel good.  

Kathy, his wife, is obviously still reeling from the sudden event and transitioning into finding and learning to do all the things he did around the house.  She's a very capable woman so at least she's not reeling from the tasks.  Randal has been able to be a blessing to her a few times and that's a great comfort for us. Grief is something that you can't take away, so it's frustrating to feel so helpless.

Flower Arrangement From Bob's Funeral
The day after the funeral she called wanting to give us one of the flower arrangements that she thought Bob would want us to have.  It's absolutely gorgeous as you can see.  

We never realize how suddenly people can exit from our lives.  All the more reason to avoid petty differences and enjoy the good in each other.  

A week later she received one of those Edible Fruit arrangements and knew it was time to come for a visit and share it with me.  I am a major fruit lover and she said she would've never finished it alone.  It was nice to find a few things to laugh about along with a few tears.

Fruit is one of the things I can enjoy right now while I've got myself on a restricted sodium diet since I was putting on water weight again and went back on oxygen on the 20th of January.  The heater seems to run all the time and that doesn't help with breathing.  I'm back on my heart herbs and supplements as I am led by the Father on what direction to take.  

As you know I've had a slow progression of breathing issues last year and as I look back to 2012 when I was healed of the heart condition, I can see the open door I gave to the Enemy with my unbelief that God had really done that for me.  So many of you prayed and although I had head knowledge of healing and God's love for me, I realize I didn't have it sunk into my heart.  

Andrew Wommack not only prayed for my heart in March 2012 when we attended one of his meetings (Locations for 2014 meetings), he also prayed for the rheumatoid arthritis to leave and it left and has stayed gone.  For that I am so thankful since I battled that for 25 years.  The damage it caused is still present, but that's another area of healing that I expect to see clear as I get more and more in tune with God's amazing love for us.  

When we even begin to realize the depths of His love for us, we will not doubt that all of the promises and blessings of the Bible are ours right now.  It's so hard not to put ourselves back under the bondage of the Old Testament and leave behind the amazing grace that God bestowed on us by sending Jesus.  Most folks seem to have a work ethic or a balance sheet of having to DO something to GET something.  But that's not our Father's way.  If we could've done something to save ourselves He wouldn't have had to send Jesus.

Young Deer With First Antlers
View Enlarged Image

We need to be continually renewing our minds with the Word.  James 1:21 says, "welcome with meekness the implanted word that has the power to save your souls."  Our soul has been defined as our intellect, will and emotions (or otherwise referred to as our mind).  

We can all certainly benefit from renewal of those areas of our life.  Letting our intellect deceive us into thinking we 'know' something in our heart when it's only in our heads, wrong choices made from a will of our own, and emotions from times we were heartbroken.  

The Word is active and alive (Hebrews 4:12).  It has actual substance to it and that spiritual substance can displace what does not line up with God's Word in our soul.

The views out of our breakfast area window are still full of birds and the deer visit quite regularly also looking for the water in the pond, which is why we moved that birdbath from the deck to the ground.  It's not a huge amount of water, but I hope it serves them well.  Seeing the peaceful way the deer approach life is an inspiration to me.

The young fawns of last year are now growing into adults.  This little guy is growing fast and has beautiful antlers to display.  As many deer as we have in our backyard, I've never found any antlers.  

Mama Love Deer, the limping deer that I have written about a few times, was looking pretty skinny in the Fall and I was concerned about her.  I noticed she was trying to chase her little one off on its own.  She must've been successful since I now see the little one coming around by itself.  

At first I wondered if Mama had fallen down and broken that leg that had the fused knee.  Images of her dying of starvation were quickly shuffled off into something more positive.  I did get to see her to know she's still alive and she had put on some good weight.  The little one is rather skittish though having been pushed into the wild at a younger age than usual.  She seems to know when I'm throwing corn out for the squirrels, doves, juncos and sparrows.  She gets to share with them.

Who We Are In Christ
• I have an unction from the Holy one and I know all things. 1John 2:20
• I have favor with God, favor with man and a good understanding. Luke 2:52
• I am chosen by God. John 15:16, Ephesians 1:4
• I have been sanctified and made truly Holy. 
1 Corinthians 6:11
As Jesus is, so am I in this world. 1 John 4:17
Do We Believe It?

Choose one of those to deepen within your heart.  It only takes one Truth to come alive in your heart and change your life and world.  God's revelation to us is available, we just need to spend time with Him.

My sweet husband calls his parents every week on Saturday and a week ago his dad told him how well the Sweet FX formula had been working for his diabetes.  The doctor's had to cut his meds to half the dose and it was still too low.  His parents live in an Assisted Living place and there was a lady he knew who had blood sugar over 400 and the doctors weren't able to get it down, so he gave her a bottle of Sweet FX and a few days later it was normal.  

The following week I happened to have two friends who mentioned blood sugar problems to me, so I told them those stories.  My friend in Texas wanted to try it and ordered a couple bottles.  She has been so excited at the results because her readings go really high even though she takes the drugs.  I wanted to share her story since she has been so excited about having something to work with and be able to get off the drugs.  I rejoice with her:

Oh my goodness!  Look at these wonderful numbers on my blood sugar after using Sweet FX for only a few days!  After taking my drug this morning at 9:00 AM my blood sugar was still 245 at 11:45 AM when I took 2 Sweet FX.  One hour and forty minutes later it was 155.  Two hours later it was 122 and I'm talking about after I ate.  I'm so excited!

Before I ate dinner it was 93 and I had not taken another diabetes med since morning. Normally I take 3 a day and it doesn't keep my blood sugar balanced.  Although it was low then, I knew dinner would take it up, so at 6:30 PM I took 2 Sweet FX.  My blood sugar spikes at night so I could hardly wait all day to see that number.  It was 156 taken at my usual bedtime. "Yeah, Lord!" For me, that's wonderful with no Amaryl. By then I would have taken 3-4 Amaryl and I haven't had one since 9:00 AM.  At 4:10 a.m I couldn't resist checking it again and it was 140.

Another thing I need to mention is that I ran to the bathroom all day and wondered what that was from and found out that the Cinnamon Bark Extract in the formula has diuretic properties so that may eliminate my need for the diuretic drug that I don't like taking.  I'm praising Jesus!  E.A. in Texas

My sweet friend, Rainbow, in Massachusetts sent this to me.  She finds great things like this, prints them, and tapes them inside her cabinet doors.  This one particularly stuck with my heart.  I decided to print it and put in on our microwave door.  Since we don't use the microwave for cooking, but instead it functions as a cabinet for herbal teas, it seemed the perfect spot right above the stove. 

I thought I'd share it with you since it may fit your life right now.  The devil will try to make you think that God is not faithful, but he has always been a liar and a deceiver.  Nothing original about him in the past 2,000 years.  He has no power since it was stripped at Jesus' death, so all he can do is deceive us into thinking he has power, but the Bible tells us different and that's where the Truth is.

Hugs and Many Blessings!

P.S.  Anything in here that might help somebody you know?  

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Newsletter - 2/1/14

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