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Believing Is More Than A Choice

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by Cecil Paxton

Heb 11:6 KJV “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

Believing is more than a choice:

Believing is not an option but a must. One of the things that I have discovered in the area of believing in ministering to so many people over the years is that most believers do not fully understand believing. Most people think that believing is something they choose to do and because they are choosing to believe they think they believe. The truth is that believing is more than a choice. Choosing to believe is just the beginning of the process to believe.

True believing is the belief that is in the heart of man. The way our relationship with God began through Jesus Christ involved man believing in the heart and confessing with our mouth what our heart believed (Romans 10:9-10).With God, when our heart backs up what our mouth says then there are spiritual results.

Abraham is an example of a person who truly believed. In Romans 4 verse 17 we find what was at the root of why Abraham was successful in believing. His belief was in the person who made the promise.

I believe that we have to come to fully know the person behind the promise—His nature, His character, and His love. This revelation is foundational for our heart being guarded to the place that we do not allow the external communication through our five senses coming from this natural realm that we live in to dominate our heart. If we do not know the person behind the promise in a moment of crisis in life we will choose the beliefs that come from ourselves.

The result is that we will exalt our beliefs over the Word of God. The unique thing about unbelief is that it is always about us. We exalt what we be- lieve about the problem in the imagination of our heart as we meditate on the problem. The end result is we end up producing a belief or beliefs in the problem which the Bible calls unbelief.

Believing involves a process:

Abraham did not pop out of his mother’s womb perfect in all of his ways and change his own diaper. Change is a process both in the good and in the bad. In life you will either become convinced in your heart beliefs in the good or be convinced of the bad in your believing. Abraham was “strengthened in faith” because he did not consider the problem nor allow it to produce unbelief in his heart.

Instead, he was constantly considering the promise which resulted in him being constantly strengthened in his faith. Believing is when your heart is fully persuaded in the promise and your heart will be fully persuaded if you are constantly considering the promise in the Word of God.

When the promise becomes more real in your heart than the problem then the result of this process is you really believe in your heart. Now your heart has become fully persuaded and there is a continual strengthening in your faith as more and more revelation of the promise is opened up to you by the Holy Spirit.

True believing involves replacing the problem with the promise so that your heart is prepared to receive what has already been given to us in Christ Jesus. A good example would be a person in an altar call coming to receive prayer whose heart is fully persuaded. That person doesn’t make the person praying for them responsible for getting them healed. No! They pull the anointing out of people who pray as they believe that they are free and the problem can’t stay because they are healed.

When your heart becomes full of the goodness of God you will be like a magnet constantly attracting good and you will just simply disown bad as it does not belong to you in Christ.

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